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Iceland Road Guide

Your key to Iceland in one handy volume. Iceland's entire road system, including the highlands and all mountain roads, plus its geography, culture and history. Easy to use for travel in either direction.

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4. Látrabjarg and vicinity

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There is little lowland in this region and the land is rather barren. It has few grasslands and marshlands in inlets and shell sand beaches on some of the coasts. There is a considerable eider nesting site at Örlygshöfn and there are many marshland bird species at Breiðavík, such as looms, whooper swans and red-necked phalaropes. At Látravík, there are an unusually large number of ringed plovers, but snow buntings are the most conspicuous on the heath land higher up. Látrabjarg is the largest bird cliff in Iceland. It is the nesting site of about one million birds of various species, among them all Icelandic auk species, except for the little auk. In addition to the auks, there are many fulmars and kittiwakes. The world's largest continuous razorbill nesting site is at the bottom of the cliff.

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