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Iceland Road Guide

Your key to Iceland in one handy volume. Iceland's entire road system, including the highlands and all mountain roads, plus its geography, culture and history. Easy to use for travel in either direction.

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10. The South Coast

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Along the low and flat coast in this region there are many creeks, small lakes and ponds. Approaching the boundaries to the east and west of the area, moorlands alternate with bogs, cultivated land and sandy beaches. Under the soil of the flatlands there lies a vast lava field, the so-called Þjórsárhraun. The fringe of the lava field reaches several hundred meters out to sea and protects the land from encroachment by the sea. The ocean waves break on the lava fringe and inside the surf the sea is calmer in channels and in between skerries. The birdlife in this region is abundant. The most conspicuous bird species are various marshland and sea birds. The region is an interesting bird watching site in all seasons, particularly in the migration period in spring when birds fly in large flocks from the open sea to the land. Furthermore, many birds dwell there in winter, such as the great northern diver, loom and various gull and duck species. Even auks may be seen up on land. In all seasons, one may come across various types of stray or migrating birds.

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