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Coordinates: ISN93 591830.66 E, 568764.48 N
Lat: 0°, Lon: 0°

Mývatn, (“Midge lake”) among the largest lakes in Iceland, 36.5 km2, altitude 277 m, with a very indented shoreline, almost cut into two halves by a long peninsula and islands. Rather shallow, the average depth being 2.5 m, 4.5 m at its deepest, with lots of diatomite (kieselguhr) in the lake bed.

Many islands, islets and pseudo craters, rich plant life in the lake and around it.

A greater variety of birds, especially ducks, than anywhere else in Iceland, or even a large part of the world.

Lots of midges and hence the name.

The surrounding area is extremely beautiful with many interesting lava fields, geothermal heat in caves and canyons and steep mountains in the background.

Jarðböðin við Mývatn

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