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Island Auto Atlas

Ihr Wegweiser durch Island in einer handlichen Ausgabe. Alle Straßen Islands inklusive ihrer regionalen Geographie, Kultur und Geschichte. Für alle Fahrtrichtungen leicht zu handhaben.

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2. Süd-Osten

Iceland Road Atlas: Region 2

When travelling the Ring Road on the southeast coast line you will find a vast black desert that stretches for 1 000 km² with hardly any vegetation. The sands are the consequence of floods from Grímsvötn in Vatnajökull which break their way under the glacier and on to the sands. Vatnajökull is Europes largest glacier covering over 8 000 km². This glacier will leave travelers awestruck by its great rivers of frozen ice rolling towards the sea. At the foot of the glacier is a picturesque lagoon with huge ice blocks that have broken away from the glacier. When travelling this route, be sure not to miss the Glacier lagoon. In between the black dessert and the ice you will find Skaftafell, Europes largest National Park. It is famous for its great variety of natural beauty and the dramatic contrasts in its landscape. Skaftafellsstofa a tourist center will provide you with all you need to know about the park, everything from history to walking routes.

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