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Iceland Road Guide

Your key to Iceland in one handy volume. Iceland's entire road system, including the highlands and all mountain roads, plus its geography, culture and history. Easy to use for travel in either direction.

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8. Northeast

Iceland Road Atlas: Region 8

The main attractions in the north east of Iceland are Mývatn and surrounding area with its lava formations, craters, geothermal heat, a bathing lagoon and Jökulsárgljúfur National Park.

Pic.: Mývatn
Source: Andreas Gollenstede (2010)

The Park was established in 1973 and includes beautiful canyons, gullies, strange rock formations and waterfalls. Dettifoss Icelands greatest and most majestic waterfall is one of the waterfalls that run through Jökulsárgljúfur. There are good hiking trails in the Park and in summer local rangers offer various walking tours. In Húsavík, a fishing village, you can go whale watching everyday all year round. If you go whale watching from Húsavík you are most likely to spot a whale which is truly an unforgettable experience. In Akureyri, Icelands 2nd largest town and a centre of service, trade, culture and education, you will find a wide range of activities.

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