Berufjörður, a long, fairly wide fjord with many islets and reefs, and high and beautiful mountains on both sides, the highest being Búlands­tindur to the south.

Many interesting peaks and pinnacles, parti­cularly around the head of the fjord. Very little flat land, especially on the south side.

Rhyolite is common in the moun­tains and ignimbrite is found on the Berufjarðarströnd shore.

Berufjörður, a farm, church and parsonage until 1906. There is a museum Nönnusafn.

From Beru­fjörður an old trail, now improved for jeeps, goes across Öxi to Skrið­dalur.

When the Al­ger­ian pirates attack­ed the West­man Islands in 1627 they also attack­ed many places on the eastern fjords, among others Beru­fjörður where they burned the farm, killed many of the animals and took what­ever valu­ables they could get their hands on.