Húsavík, (pop. 2,228)a fishing village and a perfect centre for individual tourists and groups travelling in the Northeast. Visitors can during their stay in Húsavík choose between a fine hotel, guesthouse and camping. Húsavík is located on the Eastern Shore of Skjálfandi–bay facing the impressive Kinnarfjöll mountains across the bay. Húsavík offers an ample selection of easy hikes through varied landscape for example, along the shores of the bay, up the Húsavík mountain or around the lake Botnsvatn where trout fishing is free of charge. Even though fishing and fish processing is the important industry in Húsavík the town is now well known as the whale watching capital of Europe. Whale watch­ing trips from Húsavík harbour on traditional fishing boats and passenger boats are getting increasingly popular. The Husavik Whale Centre is the first and only information centre on whales in Iceland. The Church in Húsavík, built in 1907, is said to be the most beautiful wooden church in Iceland. In the Museum House are a folk museum for the area, a nature museum, art gallery, the library and district archives. A nice all year round heated swimming pool is open for visitors from early morning to late at night. Húsavík being located just south of the Arctic Circle enjoys 24 hours daylight in summer and the romantic midnight sun frequently paints the evening sky with colours beyond imagination. In the winter when the days are short and the nights are long the dark night sky is frequently decorated with millions of stars and flashing Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis). Winter excursions are constantly gaining popularity, the options are many and there is something for everybody. Snow–scooter tours, Super–Jeep safaris, fishing through ice and cross–country skiing are just examples of the various ways one can enjoy the splendour of Northeast Iceland in winter. The contrast of hot springs and geothermal areas against snow, ice and frozen waterfalls give explorers the experience of a lifetime.