Djúpivogur, a village situated at the mouth of Berufjörður fjord, on the south coast. The primary industries are fishing, fish processing, trade and services. Trading began in Djúpivogur in the 17th century and an old store, Langabúð, can still be found. Langabúð was built by Danish merchants and is believed to date from 1790. An exhibition about the life and work of Ríkarður Jónsson, (1888-1977), tree carver and sculptor, may be found there, as well as a room dedicated to Eysteinn Jónsson (1906-93) and his wife Sólveig Eyjólfsdóttir. The top floor has various artefacts relating to the history of the area.

A bird and a hand craft collection is in a house next to Langabúð. A map with 52 marked walking trails can be bought in Langabúð.

Don’t miss the outdoor sculpture, Eggin in Gleðivík, by the world famous Icelandic artist Sigurður Guðmundsson, consisting of 34 eggs. The artwork is on the coast, about 1 km from the centre of the village, in a convenient walking distance. Djúpivogur and its environs are ideal for bird watching, as bird life in the region is highly diverse.