Heiði, abandoned farm. The jeep–track to Laki starts beyond Heiði, passes the abandoned farm Heið­ar­sel and goes past the abandoned farm Ein­túna­háls (“One–field ridge”). In the canyon is a odd looking waterfall often named Slæðufoss. The river Stjórn must be forded, as must Geirlandsá just by the waterfall Fagrifoss (“Beautiful falls”). The track then leads east and north over the barren Mörtungusker, fords the river Hellisá, then just east of Blágil, crosses the mountain Galti and then leads to Laki along the Varmárdalur valley north of Galti. Most years this track is fairly good after the beginning of July for any 4–wheel drive vehicles, though the fords can be a hindrance. The craters of Laki are extremely interesting.