Eiríksstaðir, an abandoned farm on the land of Stóra–Vatnshorn, where Eric the Red lived before he went to Greenland. It is believed that his son Leifur the Lucky Eiríksson was born there. Archaeological research has been conducted in the area recently, showing that the timeline described in the sagas can be verified to a considerable extent. The excavations will be made accessible to the public, and nearby a so–called “theoretical house” has been built. Guides in Viking Age costume describe the lifestyle of the Viking settlers and serve samples of traditional food. Some ruins of the house and smithy still visible – now protected. This is an attempt to show what the farm Eiríksstaðir may have looked like when it was inhabited. Open from 1st of June until 1st of September frm 9:00 to 18:00 every day.