Eyrarbakki, was once the largest commercial community and the main harbour on the South Coast of Iceland. A large number of houses from the period 1890-1920 are preserved in Eyrarbakki, which gives it a unique position among towns in South- Iceland. Iceland’s oldest school for children, founded in 1852, is in Eyrarbakki. To complete this historical atmosphere, there are two museums to visit; the Eyrarbakki Maritime Museum and the Árnessýsla Folk Museum, located atHúsið „The House” in Eyrarbakki, built in 1765 and one of the oldest surviving buildings in Iceland.

The seashore at Eyrarbakki is popular for hiking and bird watching. The Flói Bird Reserve lies northwest of Eyrarbakki. The reserve covers an area of about 5 sq km (1.93 sq miles). The land is low, only about 2 m above sea level. It is an important nesting area, especially for wetland birds, and listed by the Bird Life International Association.