Brjánslækur, an ancient manor farm, church, parsonage. Nearby are the Flókatóttir remains, said to be ruins of the booth built by Flóki Vil­gerðar­son or Hrafna Flóki (“Raven–Flóki”), for his first winter’s stay in Iceland in the 9th century. He got his nickname because he used ravens to help him find Iceland when he first came there, and is responsible for naming the country Iceland. If they were indeed his booth, these are the oldest ruins of a man–made structure in Iceland. Above the farm is the Surtar­brands­gil ravine where there is lignite. It is one of the best places for finding fossils from the Tertiary period, first noticed by the explorers Eggert Ólafsson and Bjarni Pálsson. Car ferry to Stykkishólmur, road 58.