Garða­bær, (pop. 10,909) a municipality in the Greater Reykjavík area and a community rich in unspoiled nature for the enjoyment of outdoor life by its residents. The lava landscape (“Búrfellshraun”) is believed to be around 7200 years old and is one of the main natural features surrounding Garðabær. There is ample space for free outdoor activities and many hiking tracks, for example in the outdoor area “Heiðmörk”. There are two lakes in the area of Garðabær, “Vífilsstaðavatn” and “Urriðavatn”. Vífilsstaðavatn and its surroundings is a nature reserve according to the Nature Conservation act. A fishing license can be purchased for Vífilsstaðavatn in the summers. The outdoor swimming pool in Garðabær (25 m) is located in the sports centre “Ásgarður”. Places of cultural interest are: The Museum of Design and Applied Art, exhibition hall located at Garðatorg. Open from 12–17 Thuesdays till Sundays during exhibitions. The old farm Krókur (built 1923) in Garðaholt is open on Sunday afternoons during summertime. At Garðabær there is olso the Hofsstaðir archeology site located at Kirkjulundur. The house was built in the 9th century. The remains have been preserved and a public garden built around them. You can see the remains in the gardens, where there are also multimedia displays telling the story of Hofsstadir and the lives of those who lived there over a thousand years ago. Hofsstaðir archeology site is open 24 hours. No entrance fee.