Hoffell, a farm since the time of the settlement, beautifully situated amidst mountains, glaciers, rivers and gravel beds. Goðaborg (“Crag of the gods”) (1,425 m), the highest point on the mountain range reaching into the glacier, was once believed to be a house built by gods or spirits even though it looked like a rock. A shepherd is said to have strayed there when looking for sheep and found a big, grey, ferocious–looking bull standing in a huge open doorway. It seemed to the shepherd that he was wading through leaves, but he did not pay any attention to this until he came down to Set­bergs­heiði moor where his shoe came off and he found that the leaves that fell out of it were in fact gold coins. It is said that Judge Jón Helgason of Hoffell fetched gold from Goða­borg every year. A vein of Iceland spar is in the land of Hof­fell and was worked for a while. Jasper, opal, marble and other stones are also found.