Grenivík, (pop. 278, 360 in the Grýtubakkahreppur district) a fishing village that began to form around 1900. Grenivík includes an elementary school, playschool, community centre, swimming pool, camping area, retirement home, health clinic, church and accommodations for travellers. There is a shop in the area, a savings bank, post office, hairdresser, dried fish factory, fish factory, garage, boat mechanic, and a pharmaceutical company. There are various activities in Grýtubakkahreppur, including the Magna Sports Club (est. 1915), Þráin Horseback Riding Club, a 9–hole golf course in Hvammur, Kaldbakur Tours (which takes skiers up Mount Kaldbakur in snow cats), Pólarhestar horse rental in Grýtubakki, swimming pool, fitness centre and a four–day hike along the Fjörður region and Látraströnd coast organized by Fjörðungar. The Grenivíkurgleði festival has become an annual event in Grenivík, held the third weekend in August. This is a family festival featuring some of Iceland’s great performers along with local acts, as well as grilling, singing, dancing, and a firework show.