Grindavík, a fishing village that became a market town in 1974. The town consists of three main areas: Þórkötlustaðahverfi, Járngerðarstaðahverfi, now the main part of town; and Staðarhverfi to the far west, which today is mostly deserted. Information signs in each area document its history. Entering the harbour remains a challenge for sailors, despite extensive improvements there. Nonetheless, this harbour has been used for fishing for centuries, and contributed greatly to the wealth of the bishop at Skálholt. Main industries: fishing and fish processing.

There is a monument to drowned sailors by Ragnar Kjartansson, while glass art by Einar Lárusson depicts the historical raid here by Muslim pirates.

The French trawler Cap Fragnet stranded by Þórkötlustaðahverfi in 1931. For the first time in history, a line thrower was used in order to reach the crew and rescue 38 people.