Héraðsvötn, one of the biggest Icelandic rivers, glacial, rising in the Hofsjökull glacier in many branches. It flows in two main streams, Eystri– and Vestari–Jökulsá (“Eastern and Western Jökulsá”) north of the highlands and down the valleys of Skaga­­fjörður.

After the two streams meet, the river is called Héraðs­vötn, but it again divides at its estuary.

The bridge over Vesturós, built in 1926, is 113 m long.

Before the bridge was built, people would cross the river by ferry; Jón Ósmann (1862–1914) was a ferryman for a long time.

A shelter for the ferrymen that used to stand at Furðustrandir at the east end of the bridge, has been rebuilt and a sign board put up nearby.

There is a resting place just east of the bridge and a footpath leads down to the shelter.

A new bridge a bit to the south of the old bridge, was taken into use in 1994.