Brúarfoss, (“Bridge falls”) a farm on the south bank of the Hítará river, by the main road. A waterfall of the same name nearby. There is a bridge over the river there, a fishermen’s hut and a summer house. The wrestler and hotellier Jóhannes Jósefsson (1883–1967), called Jó­hann­es in Borg, who built the Hótel Borg in the centre of Reykjavík, spent many summers there. The story goes that there was once a natural bridge there, a stone arch. A man who had been sentenced to death escaped from his place of execution and ran over the arch, which collapsed into the river as soon as he had reached the other side. This was considered proof of his innocence. There are some unusual pot–holes in the river by Brúarfoss. Grettisstillur, a number of rocks both large and small that lie nearly in single file over the river, can be seen a short distance upstream. According to Grettis Saga, these rocks were put there by the saga strongmen Grettir and Björn Hítadæla­kappi.