Hítar­dalur, a rat­her broad vall­ey between the mountains Múla­sels­múli and Fagra­skógar­fjall. Lava in many places. The vall­ey is closed by a tuff fell, Hólmur (334 m), below which was a farm of the same name, the home of Björn Hít­d­æla­kappi (“The hero of Hítardalur”). Björn Arn­geirs­son Hítdælakappi, a great hero and poet, lived at Hólmur in the early 11th cen­tury. There was a feud between him and another poet, Þórður Kol­beins­son of Hítarnes, over the beautiful Oddný eykyndill (“torch of the island”) Þorkelsdóttir from Hjörsey, who was engaged to marry Björn but was stolen from him by Þórður. Þórður eventually attacked Björn’s home with a force of 24 and killed him. Oddný became ill at the news and in Bjarnar saga Hít­d­æla­kappa it says that “Þórður would have preferred it if Björn were still alive, were that possible, and he himself might reclaim the love of his wife.”