Hrísey, the second biggest island off Iceland, 8.0 km2. The island is approx. 7 km long and 2.5 km broad in the broadest place. North of the lighthouse is the highest point measuring 110 m. Numerous man made embankments lie all over the island, the longest being almost 3 km long. These embankments are believed to be very old and some believe that they may have served as fences in the olden days. The” leylines” on the island are by many considered to be a spectacular source of energy and many visitors as well as inhabitants feel that this raw energy of the earth “charges their battery” in a unique way.

Many birds nest on the island and because of the reservation of the wild fowl life the birds are unusually tame, especially the ptarmigan. Visitors must keep to marked walking paths. It is also possible to take trips on a hay cart towed by a tractor around the village and its surroundings. A village at the southern end is the only occupied part. Fishing and fish processing are the main industries. Geothermal heat.