Hvammstangi, a village by Miðfjörður fjord: the only trading village in Vestur–Húnavatnssýsla county, legally recognised for commerce in 1895, with trade starting around 1900.

Main industries: agriculture, fishing, trade and other services.

All of the buildings are heated geothermally, using water piped in from the hot spring at Laugarbakki.

While a modern church has now replaced the old one at Kirkjuhvammur, the original church is still standing, cared for by the National Museum, with the only operable watermill in Iceland right by it.

Museum of commerce, Hvammstangi is also home to the Icelandic Seal Centre, which hosts an exhibition on seals around Iceland, both in the present and the past.

In the same building, you can visit art shows over the summer and a tourist information centre.

The Seal Centre conducts research on both seals and eco–tourism.