Hvammur, a church and famous Saga–place. The land settled by Auður djúpúðga (“the wise”) and long occupied by her descendants. Auður was the daughter of Ketill Suðureyjajarl (“Earl of the Hebrides”) and married king Ólafur hvíti of Dublin. After their son Þorsteinn died in battle in Scotland, Auður came to Iceland with her children and grand–children around the year 890, bringing with her a large number of Scots and Irishmen. Hvammur was also the home of Hvamm–Sturla, forebear of the Sturlunga family, and the birthplace of the writer and law–speaker Snorri Sturluson and his brothers (see Road 518, Reykholt). In the churchyard there is a memorial in honour of Snorri Sturluson, built by the people of Borgarfjörður in 1979 on the 800th anniversary of his birth.