Hveravellir, (“Hot spring plains”) a geothermal area to the north of Kjalhraun, about 650 m above sea level, and one of the best known geothermal areas in Iceland.

Many beautiful and peculiar hot springs, such as Bláhver, Öskurhólshver, Eyvindarhver, Bræðra­hverir etc.

Ruins of the shelter of the 18th century outlaw Fjalla–Eyvindur are to be found near the spring Eyvindarhver, where he is said to have boiled his meat. Memorial to the outlaw and his woman raised there in 1998.

Tourist huts and other shelters, a bathing basin, and a weather report station.

The Touring Club of Iceland built a house at Hveravellir in 1938. The house is heated with hot spring water, there is also a pool, suitable for bathing, just outsite the house. There is also a new and spacious mountain lodge at Hveravellir.

Hveravellir is a protected natural area that should not be spoiled in any way!