Hvolsvöllur, (pop. 902) the main town in Rangárþing eystra district, a municipality formed in 2002 through the merging of six municipalities between the rivers Eystri–Rangá and Jökulsá á Sólheimasandi. Centre of trade and travel, built up since 1930. Sheriff, doctor, veterinarian, health service, swimming pool, sport centre and the community centre Hvoll. The Sögusetrið historical centre is the site of two museums, one depicting Njáls Saga and the other – the Kaupfélagasafn – focusing on the history of trade in South Iceland. There Njáls Saga is also being sewed in refill, which is a special form of viking tapestry (www.njalurefill.is) Primary industries are trade, tourism, service and manufacturing, eg. a knitter wear procution with wool products and a processing plant of the major butcher and meat–packing company Sláturfélag Suðurlands, founded in 1907 making it the oldest firm of its kind in Iceland. In summer there is a Farmers Market at Hvolsvöllur on weekends with local products.