Kaldaðarnes, a substantial farm and often the home of local leaders, formerly a church. During Catholic times there was a holy cross at Kaldaðarnes and people made long pilgrimages to see it. Immediately after the Reformation in 1550 the cross was taken to the Bishop´s house at Skálholt, where it was chopped up and burned on the orders of the Bishop, who died shortly thereafter. His death was commonly accounted God’s revenge. There was a leprosy hospital in Kaldaðarnes in the 18th cen­tury. During World War II the British forces had big camps there and built an airfield for warplanes. A monument honouring the presence of the RAF in Kaldaðarnes was unveiled at Selfoss Airport in 1999 in the presence of British pilots who were stationed in Kaldaðarnes during the war.