Lagarfljót, a broad river, the inner part of which is a lake extending from Fljótsdalur to beyond Egilsstaðir. Deep, max. 112 m, average 50.7 m, at least 30 km long and 2.5 km at its broadest point, area 53 km2. Natural gas in places. A little trout–fishing. There are many stories of a monster in the lake, known as Lagarfljótsormurinn (“The Lagarfljót serpent”). Near the bridge the lake becomes the river Lagarfljót, mostly quiet–flowing though deep, which marks the boundary between the counties of Norður–Múlasýsla and Suður–Múlasýsla. The summer of 1999 the passanger ship Lagafljótsormurinn began sailing on the river. The tours are very popular. The ship carries 130 passangers.