Leiti, craters by the eastern slopes of the Bláfjöll mountains, not far south of Ólafsskarð pass. About 5,000 years ago great masses of lava came from there and spread across an extensive area. The Lambahraun lava field on the moors east of Bláfjöll, over Hraunsheiði to the sea by Þorlákshöfn, the Svínahraun and Elliðaárhraun lava fields as well as Rauðhólar and the cave Raufarhóls­hellir are all part of this lava field. Highway 1 crosses part of it, from the river Elliðaár to the Drauga­hlíðar slopes. The Þrengslavegur road goes across this lava south of Þrengsli. Two younger lava flows, Svínahraunsbrunar, from the middle of the 14th century,­ coming from two small craters called Eldborg east of Leiti.