Ljárskógar, (“The woods of the river Ljá”) the largest farm in Dalasýsla county. Birthplace of Jón Jónsson (1914–45), poet and singer, a memorial to him by the road. At now abandoned Ljárskógasel, nearby, the poet Jóhannes úr Kötlum (1899–1972) was brought up. In Búðardalur, a monument was erected in memory of Jóhannes in 1999. Many farms in Dalasýsla are named after woods, though there are now few trees. On the land of Ljárskógar, beside the highway, are the so–called Klofasteinar (“Cleft stones”), considered by some to be the residence of “hidden people”. The stones have twice been moved during roadworks, being replaced in their original position the second time, in 1995. At that time the contractors ran into a number of difficulties, sometimes said to be due to the “hidden people’s” being displeased.