Múli, an old manor farm, church, and parsonage till 1880. Many well–known pastors have served there. In the 15th century there was Sveinbjörn Þórðarson, known as Barna–Sveinbjörn (“Sveinbjörn of the children”) who fathered 50 children to whom he admitted, but it was thought there were more. Among his descendants were the bishops Jón Arason and Guðbrandur Þorláksson. Among other well–known incumbents were Þorleifur Skaftason (1663–1748), and Benedikt Kristjánsson (1824–1903). In the 12th century Oddur Helgason, Stjörnu–Oddi (Star–Oddi), a farmhand, lived at Múli. He was known for analysing the movement of the sun, moon and stars.