Njarðvíkurskriður, a very steep scree be­tween the Njarðvík bay and Borgar­fjörð­ur. Formerly a very dangerous route, where the many accidents that occurred were at one time attributed to an evil spirit named Naddi. He is said to have dwelt in Naddagil (“Naddi’s canyon”), at the north end of scree, where there is a cave in the cliffs at sea level, the cave has now collapsed. A farm­er named Jón Bjarnason was walking by himself in this place when he encountered the monster and foght him, ultimately driving him into the sea. He then put up a cross in Skriður, in 1306, as thanks to God for protecting him. The cross, Naddakross, has been regularly renewed ever since, together with the inscription, Effigiem Christi qui transis pronus honora, which is to the effect that travellers should pray at the cross before continuing across the scree.