Ólafsfjörður, a valley, 15 km long, grassy but narrow, with fine mountains having jagged peaks at the head of a short (5 km) fjord of the same name. The fjord opens out between high cliffs, Ólafsfjarðarmúli to the south and Hvann­dala­bjarg to the north. There is virtually no flat land on the coast. There are various folktales associated with Ólafsfjörður, e.g. about the Rev. Hálfdan Narfason, who rode on the Devil with Farmer Jón from Málmey through Skagafjörður to the Hvanndalir valley in Hvanndalabjarg (see Road 76, Fell and Málmey). In Ódáinsakur (“Field of the undying”) in the valley grew a herb that made people immortal.