Sand­fell, an abandoned farm, a church until 1914 and a parsonage until 1931, one of the oldest farms in the Öræfi district. The easiest and most–travelled route to Öræfajökull and Hvannadalshnjúkur starts from Sand­fell. The traveller goes first up Sandfellsheiði moor where it is possible to ascend to about 1,300 m before stepping onto the glacier, where there are 400–500 m of rather steep glacier, usually with many big crevasses, to be covered before reaching the 4 km wide plateau to the north of the mountain Rótarfjallshnjúkur (1,848 m). This has to be crossed to get to the 2,110 m high Hvannadalshnjúkur, rising about 200 m from the northwest edge of the plateau. This final peak is usually icy and greatly fissured. The whole climb is quite strenuous and takes 15–20 hours. Standard glacier–climbing techniques should be applied. Ice–axes, crampons and lines are essential, and inexperienced people must have guides.