Seyðisfjörður, municipality by a long and narrow fiord of the same name, surrounded by rugged mountains. The municipality is divided into two parts, called Búðareyri and Alda. Commerce began there in 1843.

A technology museum. In the vicinity of the technology museum one can visit the oldest mechanics smithy in Iceland in addition to the oldest telegraphy station in the country. The first town in Iceland to have electric streetlamps installed.

In the year 1906, a sea telephone cable was laid to Seyðisfjörður from Europe, thus enabling Iceland to commence telecommunication with foreign countries. After the turn of the 19th century Seyðisfjörður was a very prosperous town, due to a good harbor. Otto Wathne (1834-1898), a Norwegian entrepreneur, lived there and a monument was later made in his honor.

Art exhibitions and numerous events are held the whole year round in Skaftafell, which is the visual art centre for East of Iceland. There are a number of festivals in town during the summer months.

The international ferry, Norræna, sails between Iceland and the European continent the whole year and stops at Seyðisfjörður. As a result there is good tourist service in Seyðisfjörður.