Stakkahlíð, formerly a manor farm, the largest in Loðmundarfjörður, abandoned in 1967. The farm buildings are well preserved. The view from there is very good. East of Stakkahlíð is Stakkahlíðarhraun, rhyolite screes from the mountain Flatafjall, rough in places. There were once plans to mine and export perlite from the screes. It is not quite clear how Stakka­hlíðar­hraun was formed and geo­logists do not agree on the subject. Jeep–tracks up to the screes. Close to the scree is Orrustu­kambur (“Battle crest”) where petrified wood is to be found. The largest petrified trees to have been preserved in Iceland are kept by the Iceland Forestry Service at Hall­orms­staður and on private land in Seyðisfjörður.