Stokkseyri, (pop. 488) is a part of the Municipality of Árborg. The village is located on the Þjórsárhraun lava field, which extends offshore outside Stokkseyri and Eyrarbakki to form skerries up to 400 – 700 m from the coast. The lava is the largest lava field on earth since the end of the last ice–age. The seashore at Stokkseyri is known for its beauty – skerries, breaking waves and bird life, and thus popular for hiking. The village has a rich art and cultural life. Paintings– and glass galleries, Ghost Centre and a Museum of Icelandic Wonders along with artist’s workshop and gallerys which are all situated in the Cultural centre, an old fish processing factory that has found a new role due to changes in the fishing industry. In Stokkseyri there is also a Hunting Museum with a large collection of mounted animals and firearms. Culture is not the only thing the town has to offer. It also has a seafood restaurant, an outdoor swimming pool, kayak sailing tours and a camping place. Þuríðarbúð is a bunkhouse that shows the conditions fishermen had to live with in the past. It is named after Þuríður Einarsdóttir (1777–1863), famous as a woman foreman, or captain, on one of the large rowing boats used for fishing at the time. Further east from Stokkseyri is the Baugsstaðir creamery and Knarrar­ósviti lighthouse, whose design is an interesting blend of functionalism and art nouveau (jugenstil) schools in architecture.