Stóru­vell­ir, a substantial farm of old, one of oldest stone houses in rural Iceland, built of Icelandic stone. A rare species of wild corn grows there. Suspension bridge over the river Skjálfandafljót. Nearby community centre, Kiðagil, and boarding school. Above the farm is the mountain Vallafjall (670 m). Kiðagil is located in the middle of Bárðardalur on the west side of Skjálfandafljót. It is named after Kiðagil at Sprengisandur which Grímur Thomsen wrote a poem about. Travellers used to rest there and graze their horses before or after crossing the Sprengisandur desert. In 1960 Kiðagil was donated by Páll H. Jónsson (1860–1955) so that a grammarschool could be built in the valley. Now there is a travel service all year. At Kiðagil is an exhibition, Outlaws at Ódáðahraun, myth or reality, that gives good insight to the life of icelandic outlaws. There is also an exhibition about the first journey on cars over Sprengisandur. Kiðagil is also a community centre.