Svínadalur, an abandoned farm 250 m above sea level, interesting landscape, e.g. caves. The landscape around Svínadalur is unique and beautiful. One particular aspect worth mention is the cave Gloppuhellir by Jökulsá river. East of Svínadalur the same river falls through a narrow canyon. The vertical cliffs are called Kallbjörg (Calling cliffs). The distance between them is about 80 m, and people used to stand on each side and call out to each other across the river. The poet Jón Magnússon wrote a series of a verses about the last inhabitant of Svínadalur, Páll Jónsson (1870–1956), whose wife died on 15 December 1915, having six days previously given birth to triplets. A blizzard had been raging for days when this ocurred. When the storm allayed the new–born were brought from their birthplace by sled, in a tub used for bathing sheep, to be taken in by households where there was only one child.