Kirkjubæjarklaustur, (“The church farm convent”) for long one of the biggest farms of the county Skafta­fellssýsla. Now a village with a Vatnajökull National Park information centre.

Christian Irishmen are supposed to have lived there before the Norse settlement, and after Ketill the foolish settled there no heathen people were allowed to live at this spot.

A convent was situated there from 1186 until the Reformation in the 15th century.

Many place–names remind us of the convent, such as Systrastapi (“The sisters’ crag”), Systrafoss (“The sisters’ falls”), Systravatn (“The sisters’ lake”) and Sönghóll (“Hill of chanting”) to the south of the river Skaftá, where the monks of Þykkvibær on their way to visit the nuns of Kirkjubæjarklaustur would start their chanting as Kirkjubæjar­klaustur came into sight.