Þórisdalur, a farm in the district of Lón. Once the home of Þórður Þorkelsson Vídalín (1661–1742) a rector at Skálholt, clergyman, doctor, natuarlist etc. He wrote an important work on the nature of glaciers which was published in 1754 in German in the Hamburgisches Magazin, translated into Icelandic and published in 1965. The story goes that Þórður was so cunning that he could force ghosts to return to those who sent them, and so skilled that from Þórisdalur he could detect a ghost coming up through Almannaskarð on its way to Stafafell. He took his horse, arrived at Stafafell ahead of the ghost and turned it back. Yet Þórður was so good and kind that he would not even hurt a fly with his magic. From Þórisdalur the jeep–track goes across the river Skyndidalsá and up over Kjarrdalsheiði moor to Illikambur, this route being preferable to that starting from Stafafell because of Jökulsá.