Þórsmörk, the region west of the Mýrdalsjökull glacier between the rivers Krossá and Markarfljót. Famous for having a great variety of natural features and good weather, and therefore a very popular place for outings. Protected since 1921, in the care of the Forestry Service.

Cabins in the valleys Langidalur and Húsadalur. Campsites in Langidalur, the Össugil canyon in Húsadalur and the canyon Slyppugil. Skagfjörðsskáli (capin) is located by the roots of Langidalur in Þórsmörk not far from Krossá river. The lodge has two floors and it accommodates up to 75 people (in bunkers with mattresses).

There are several beautiful hiking routes from Skagfjörðsskáli. Most people end their “Laugarvegur” hike in Langidalur.