Tindastóll, (989 m) one of the most imposing mountains of Skaga­fjörður, reaching from the Reykjaströnd coast to the Laxárdalur valley, ca. 20 km. Steep and rugged on the east, but more sloping and grassy on the west. Many folktales are connected with it. One is about the wishing–stone to be found in a well near Glerhallavík bay. It is said to float up every Midsummernight. The view from Tindastóll was the poet Matth­ías Jochumsson’s inspiration in his poem about Skagafjörður. Nearby is the cove Baulubás and in it Bauluhellir (“Cow cave”), which got its name because cows walked through it from Atlastaðir. It used to be the home of sea–monsters. Tindastóll was the home of giants and trolls, their king living there and his daughter at Glerhallavík. One of the giants kidnapped a daughter of the Bishop of Hólar and kept her in his cave.