Southwest Iceland

Iceland Road Atlas: Region 3

The most driven route in Southwest Iceland is without a doubt the Golden Circle. It starts with a drive to Þingvellir which is a National Park and the most important historical site in Iceland. From the year 930 till 1798 it was the site of Icelands Parliament.

In the Tourist Information Centre you can learn about the history and nature of Þingvellir with the aid of a multimedia. The next stop on the way is Geysir one of the most famous spouting hot spring in the world and then there is Gullfoss one of Icelands most beautiful and beloved waterfalls.

But of course this region has more to offer then the Golden Circle. Along the coast there are black beaches and small fishing villages and seafood restaurants. Further inland you will find majestic mountains, glaciers, famous waterfalls and whether you like to go horseback riding or ice climbing you can do that here and everything in between.