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Iceland Road Guide

Your key to Iceland in one handy volume. Iceland's entire road system, including the highlands and all mountain roads, plus its geography, culture and history. Easy to use for travel in either direction.

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Over 300 different fish species have been found in the ocean around Iceland, but only a few of them, such as cod, herring and capelin, are the foundation of the Icelandic economy. The total fish catch is close to two million tons annually. As with other fish catching nations in the North Atlantic, cod is by far the most important of the utilized fish species.

Approximately five freshwater fish species are found in Icelandic rivers and lakes. There is a good chance of catching something in almost every creek or rill in the country. There are numerous excellent fishing rivers in Iceland. Lakes and rivers have therefore played an important role in the survival of Icelanders.

Salmon Fig.: Salmon
(Salmo salar)

Source: Iceland Road Atlas
Salmon used to be common in the north Atlantic but the species has declined somewhat in the last decades. Icelandic salmon populations are amongst those currently doing best. Salmon has always been an important fish species for use in Iceland.
Arctic Char Fig.: Arctic Char
(Salvelinus alpinus)

Source: Iceland Road Atlas
This species has well settled all around the Arctic. It is adapted to cold environments and is found in many places that are high above sea level. The Arctic char has always been highly utilized in Iceland and angling has most likely brought in the most income in recent years.
Brown Trout Fig.: Brown Trout
(Salmo trutta)

Source: Iceland Road Atlas
This species is mostly found in Europe and Iceland is on the northwest boundary of its habitat. Tales of gigantic trout in Þingvallavatn Lake and Sogið River are told among trout anglers. Fish that weigh over 30 pounds have been caught in these lakes.
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