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Coordinates: ISN93 351430 E, 427980 N
Lat: 0°, Lon: 0°

Akranes, gained municipal rights in 1942. The main activities are fishing, fish processing and commerce. As well as being an important fisheries centre, has repeatedly made its name in sports, both nationally and even internationally, and has outdoor and indoor swimming pools, football grounds, a sports stadium, a busy 18–hole golf course, riding trails and a popular outdoor recreation area.

On Akratorg square is the sculpture Memorial to sailors, by Marteinn Guð­munds­son and in front of the old people’s home, Grett­ir’s challenge by Magnús Tómas­son.

Vitar við Akranes
Garðavöllur – Akranesi
Akranes fotbolti juli–2011–202

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