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Coordinates: ISN93 316954.1 E, 627844.12 N
Lat: 0°, Lon: 0°
Arnardalur, a valley at the end of Arnarnes. The mountain to the west is called Ernir, and that to the east Hömlur. The farm Neðri–Arnardalur was the home of Þorbjörg Kolbrún, whom the poet Þormóður kolbrúnarskáld (“The poet of Kolbrún”) praised in verse, as mentioned in Fóstbræðra saga. The farm Fremri–Arnardalur was the birthplace of Hannibal Valdimarsson (1903–1991) long a member of parliament, Minister of State and President of ASÍ (The Icelandic Federation of Labour).

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Iceland Road Guide

Your key to Iceland in one handy volume. Iceland's entire road system, including the highlands and all mountain roads, plus its geography, culture and history. Easy to use for travel in either direction.

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