Grund, one of biggest and most historical manor farms in Eyjafjörður. The home of Sighvatur Sturluson and others of his family in the 13th century. Made famous by Grundar–Helga in 14th century, in connection with the Grundarbardagi (“Battle of Grund”). In the 16th century Þórunn, a daughter of the last Catholic bishop Jón Arason lived there, and the Grund Chairs, one of which is now in the National Muesum, date from her time. Grund was later the home of Magnús Sigurðsson (1846–1925), who made many improvements and built the present church, one of the finest in Iceland and now protected, in 1905. Historic forest from 1900, Grundarreitur. The early origins of forestation. Danish aspen and Swiss pine are common. National Forest.