Dalvík, a town with fishing, fish processing and trading. Some industry. In the summer of 1934 an earthquake destroyed or damaged most of the houses in the area. Hot spring domestic heating since 1969.

The second weekend of August each year, local fishing and fish processing companies join forces to offer a great feast of seafood dishes and a programme of entertainment, all for free! The Great Fish Day is most certainly a day you do not want to miss.

At Dalvík you may also find the Hvol museum. Quite a uniqe museum that is devided into three main parts including a room that is dedicated to Iceland’s tallest man (2,34 m)Jóhann risi, a polar bear and birds.

Dalvik’s closest environment comprimises the Svarfaðardalur Nature Reserve is an area of about 8 square km. of wetland. Within the reserve are dry river-banks as well as marshes with sedge bogs, ditches and fertile ponds with reeds. This natural environment provides an excellent habitat for many species of breeding birds.