Loðmundarfjörður, a 7 km long fjord, rather deep. There is a wide, green valley, marshy in places, at its head, where there were once more than 10 farms, now all abandoned. The valley splits into two, Bárðarstaðadalur and Norðdalur, with the mountain Herfell (1,064 m) between them. The fjord is surrounded by a magnificent ring of mountains. An old riding path goes across Hjálmárdalsheiði moor to Seyðisfjörður. In Loðmundarfjörður there were once 10 farm, some of which were homes to two or three families. In 1860 the number of inhabitants was 143; by 1973 human habitation had ceased altogether. However, service is provided to tourists in Stakkahlíð in summer.