Kópavogur, (pop. 31,719) a town between Reykjavík and Hafnarfjörður, the second largest town in Iceland. The first inhabitants of today’s Kópavogur settled there in 1936. In 1945 the population was 521, in 1955, when Kópavogur gained municipal rights, it was 3,783. Kópavogur is an old site of the official meeting Kópavogsþing, one of four such assemblies in Gullbringusýsla. A fateful event in the history of Kópavogsþing was when the Icelanders were forced to acknowledge Fredrik III, King of Denmark, as absolute monarch in 1662. A monument commemorating these events was erected at the actual site of Kópavogsþing in 1962. At the same place there are also traces of old ruins, believed to be the former assembly house. A view–dial on the hill Víghóll.