Melrakkaslétta, (“Arctic Foxes’ plain”) the peninsula between Öxarfjörður and Þistil­fjörður between the spur Snartarstaðarnúður and the river Ormarsá. All flat and low except for the mountains Leirhafnarfjöll in the west. The north­ern and eastern coast is much–indented with coves, nesses and lagoons. Dry in the west but marshy in the east, with many lakes and tarns. Farms, many now abandoned, only along the coast. Much driftwood and trout–fishing, eider duck and seals are often spotted there. Foxes were widespread, hence the name, and polar bears occasionally drifted ashore on ice–floes. Melrakkaslétta boasts a large number of lakes inlets, where cayaking is possible. Information is available at Hotel Norður­ljós in Raufar­höfn. Marked walking routes.